Check this 7 Step List Before Launching a Fashion Retail Business and Recruiting a Team

In my work helping Fashion Retailers, I’ve seen countless companies struggle with: knowing how to find the right talent/team, knowing what their biggest problems are, and not having a written game-plan for their retail business. TLDR: Checklist in the numbered form below.

One of the top problems I hear from fashion retailers, franchise owners, and business people today is about the stagnant growth of their businesses after achieving success, due to not having the right teams to bring them to scale locally, regionally, or globally.

Growing teams can make life more difficult. But beyond the learning curve of growing teams right, the effects on trust, company ambitions, missing the mark repeatedly can feel brutal. When you miss sales targets, you don’t get to put your all into scaling as desired. Then you go back to doing everything by yourself and feeling overwhelmed. The whole thing is a mess. You’re not making what you want, and that keeps you from doing what you want in life.

But the real issue has nothing to do with growing teams. It has nothing to do with other people. The secret that the top retail business owners know that you might not comes down to a gap in basic marketing and sales skills. If you learn how to run a better business, this issue of growing teams and then scaling just goes away. Most people are uncomfortable with that notion… but it’s the truth.

One of my clients, Roman, was convinced that he was struggling to find the right talent. He was struggling to scale his retail stores to increase his revenue and grow his business.

Roman couldn’t imagine breaking into digital transformation. He would have online stores for his businesses which considerably added value and revenue like his brick and mortar stores did. Roman started believing that he needed to downsize his businesses to achieve the freedom he truly wanted.

I walked Roman through 7 key principles about how to more efficiently spend each dollar on launching his store websites, choosing the right people, choosing the right digital platforms, and connecting with his audience in a deeply valuable way, beyond the shopping mall experience he was used to selling in.

Using these principles, everything changed for Roman. Those same retail stores saw scale, contributions from existing team members, and generated income in an effortless way for Roman to have more free time.

A lot of people think scale is built on the ‘right’ people, it’s not it’s built on repeatable processes. While people and trust in your retail business is important, having scalable processes is a more effective way to build your businesses in ways beyond recruiting the right staff.

Most retailers try spend a lot of time recruiting and looking for the perfect employee to replace them.

Instead, consider expanding your business online with The 7 key processes in my checklist:

1 – Avoid Random Online Platforms
*Know what platform you are choosing and why.
You’ve heard of Shopify, but is it a good fit for you? In some ways yes, its quickly growing as a beneficial platform. The support costs are cheap and the maintenance is low, but if you have to collect card payments, because you use TTPOST, or you have to display prices in $TTD/JMD you might see limited Caribbean options as of writing. The platform is growing, but with the cost of add-ons being costly over time explore flexible low-cost options like
The right platform says YES! to the following:
1. I can automate the currency options for my markets.
2. I can engage with the customers and build a relationship.
3. I can easily have finances handled.
4. I can build a simple shopping experience.

2. – Avoid not carving out your audience for your brand.
*“women who like style” is not enough. Go deeper.
You want to define your audience with some form of composite. Beyond the general idea of who they are, construct a composite of your audience, here is one I made for my recent client.

This composite influences the marketing efforts you will make when repeating your scalable processes.

3. – Avoid missing out on holidays.
*Mother’s day, Christmas, Black Friday, Father’s day.
I created the fastest selling online store in Trinidad. It made $20,000USD (see image) in one DAY before Mother’s day. The power of events this event pulls customers to your business and leaves you to do less work, and relying less on the “right” people to do anything.
Trinidad has the most holidays in the Caribbean, use that to your advantage by planning around them. See a list here for Trinidad:
and Jamaica:

4. – Avoid delaying everything.
*From my case studies, for every store you have, you are missing millions by not doing 7 simple steps and waiting on the right staff to help you.
Set accountabilities weekly to stay on track. You want to make sure that for every day you spend on your brick and mortar, you spend 1 hour on your digitization processes.
It would be great if the right people could take over tasks for you, but if you find yourself exhausted you need to schedule efficiently. 3 hours — 3 tasks — 3 weeks. I use Calendly and a weekly tracker to stay on top of my accountability with 1 hour per set task each week.

5. – DO: Get your social media in order.
*Are you easy to find? Audit your findability.
Use the Keyword Tool to see what people must be punching in to find you.
1. Setup a “Google My Business”
2. Update all contact numbers and business locations on Instagram, Facebook, Yello, and Google.
3. Build credibility for your business (old or new) with news coverage, blog coverage, or Wikipedia.

6. – DO: Have an event lined up.
Even if you make a fake event up. For example, Virtual Fashion Weeks, Flash Sales, Local Customers Only events. Use the Customer Avatar customer to create an event that works, or depend on an event coming up which they will appreciate. Facebook and Instagram are great places to launch with this.

7. – DO: Have a simple website.
You may start off wanting the boldest, Brightest, most experimental experience, but start simple.
I spend a lot of time doing Lab Work™ to have carved out over 100 website designs, and before we even sketch a website concept, fundamentally it must be easy to use for the customer. To start with low risk and high returns, start simply simple. WordPress is the best platform for this to date.

Most fashion retailers do this, but they do not: Automate, scale, and constantly improve the relationship. Mailing lists are the key.

This is a bonus because it spans beyond the online website, it covers every marketing and sales collateral. In the words of Brent Weaver, Relationships = Interactions/Time. Don’t spam your buyers, but don’t fall out of the loop either. Give them weekly updates via a mailing list, or WhatsApp to keep them connected. Tools such as Mailchimp help with this becoming automated.

Implementing small process checklists will have massive benefits to your retail business. In the immediate term, you’ll start making more money and that means more profit and success in your business.

Think about how that would feel to launch a new store selling 1, 2, or even 5 times what your in-mall branch did for a day with less effort, team players, and overhead! I don’t know about you, but that sounds exciting!

Beyond the immediate monetary benefits, I love seeing retail owners become more confident about the businesses they’re running. Getting more profits means you feel more valued and this helps you produce better products. When you produce better products, your clients are happier and they buy more goods than expected. This is a virtuous cycle.

But there’s one more benefit that I think is more important than all others. And that’s transitioning from a scarce mindset (ie. Trinis are the reason I’m not successful) to an abundant mindset (ie. I have control over whether or not I’m successful or not). When you experience this mindset shift in your business, everything changes. Fashion Retailers go from frustrated and struggling to optimistic and empowered.

I want to help you become more effective when it comes to scaling, launching a profitable retail business, and earning more with less effort. I’m offering a free Vision Call for a limited time. On this call, we’ll spend 15 minutes to define what your goal is together.

I look forward to helping you dominate your fashion retail market. Until next time.

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