How I 3x’ed ALDO’s Online Store Sales in Latin America – With Intentional Website Design

How I Scaled Aldo’s Online Store to 3x Its Sales Month Over Month, Quintupled its Conversion Rate, and Created Happy Buyers. (With Screenshots)

You’ll realize a flashy site means nothing. The next thing is to stop worrying about your social media ads so much, you can read how to get that issue out the way so we can get into The Web Design fun *cracks knuckles*.

In web design, many things matter, some incude: Emotional investment, time, personal goals, and customer satisfation. 
It is sometimes hard to quantify these, but three numbers make an impact: You’r sessions, add to cart, and your checkout.

These directly impact your revenue, fundamentally. And if you’re scientific, you’ll like how we run these figures.

Before I address the topic, here is advice to improve your website, no matter the platform Shopify WordPress etc.

What NOT to Do:

  1. Do not be blatant with brand messaging. 
    Customers do not appreciate extreme attempts to show who you are to them, it is not necessary to have excessive brand elements for someone to shop.
  2. Do not redesign just for the heck of it.
    When doing a new project, design with a goal in mind. Is your goal: Better revenue, more qualified customers, closer buyers, more orders? If you’re not sure what your goal really is. I can help you to define it in 15 minutes, click here.
  3. Do not stick to one design forever.
    Your design is a living thing. Today, you may notice you get 2,000 sessions, 30 add to carts, and 12 checkouts. If you don’t know why 12 people checked out then this an opportunity to pop the hood and audit your user experience. I love to use Hotjar to gather this data in realtime for my customers. If you have had the same design and lackluster performance for the past 3 months, give it an audit once again.

What you can do:

  1. To reduce people who visit and quickly leave, give them what they need.
    – Show them what they need to see. Is it a flashy brand, a simple flow, or an extravagant experience. Know who you sell to and provide their desired experience upfront. Please do not be shy with who you want this company to be, it’s all you. The eccentricity, colors, boldness and more!
  2. To increase the people who visit and purchase, you can:
    – Speed your website up.
    – Improve your website layout by tracking clicks and making improvements through
    – Increase the tools and features at your customers disposal to buy (coupons, reviews, detailed descriptions).
    – Add changes to items such as color swatch buttons (small details matter online).
    – Add “buy now” buttons on your front page. You don’t want your shoppers to hesitate in fast fashion.
    – Add clear item imagery to your site, meaning, no disorienting backgrounds (unless your ideal client wants that *they usually don’t).
  3. The major cues for good conversions are: 
    1. Showing your font identity. 
    2. Using Accent Color for your color scheme. 
    3. 3 step conversion flow, meaning: visit -> shop ->checkout.
    4. A one page checkout experience can be a miracle worker.

This is what it looks like in action for ALDO:

Lets get some myths out the door

  1. “I have to do everything alone.”
    – Wrong! Specialists exist to put gumdrops in your hand and lead you to freedom! Think: The neurosurgeon vs the GP, who do you trust more to solve your headache so you can relax?
  2. “I have to drain all my savings on ads with no return”
    – Wrong! Let’s start with how ads work. You have to diagnose them. You have to see where you’re falling short. Is your copy doing the following: Incentivize, target, inflame urgency.
  3. “I have to drain all my savings on my webite with no return”
    – Wrong! Let’s start with how websites work. You have to diagnose them. You have to see where youre falling short. Is your website doing the following: Accommodate, educate, guide.
  4. “I have to redesign my site and feel like I’m wasting money.”
    – You don’t have to run your own store. And you can spend efficiently to grow it. Every Fashion based site I have built to date generates ROI in 3 months, in B&BW’ s Case.. I took less than a day, but I digress! Ok, lets get into how!
  5. “ I need a 100,000 dollars to make a good site” 
    – If you’ve read this far, the secret sweetspot is actually $10–20k yearly, to make 60–200k yearly for a startup.

Now on to Aldo.

  1. The YTD Conversion rate is 0.93% – which I will explain.
  2. The Months conversion rate is 4% with no changes.
  3. Based on analyst, The user flow was great, as pages were equitably viewed. Buyers just needed time to simply return on their own. Retargeting ads can help here, but it took 3 months for it to happen without.

This Million dollar brand launches stores in markets allover the world. Something you may want to do as well, aka “Scale!” or “Doing Less of ‘EVERYTHING’ I gave this to them.

My Job as a consulting Developer was to build the online business out which was then marketed. I was recruited as I did Bath and Body works $20k in 12 hours, and I already launched over a dozen retail stores, so I knew Aldo could be easy as I follow formula’s.

What We Did:

  1. Start with a simple 3 step framework for them and your startup.

Ad -> Shop -> Checkout

The ad is the first touchpoint no matter what, Google search or IG ads. This is often where the user is already pre-informed about your brand and look for you or in the latter, they are actively learning something new and desire to explore. In reality, the shortened path to shop looks like so:

This means, for this period most people needed 1 page to close a sale.

2. Staring with $0 in revenue doesn’t mean you don’t have potential earnings.

I would like to say there is a baseline to project sales but there isn’t. With $0 Revenue the startegy is to use fundamental systems to win. The tactics are constant revenue driving methods, with constant conversion methods, to close your first $20k in sales.

Fundamentals of a 3 step system like the above, plugging into an incentive based ad, then starting with $250 a week in ad dollars, took revenue from $9k monthly, to $22k monthly.

3. With no revenue you HAVE to test. You have to validate as a startup, and watch your metrics atleast double in six months. If after six months nothing doubles, you could be wasting your time doing this all alone.

The current conversion rate for this site is 5.3%, up from the .93, done via SEO upgrades and speed changes.

If you liked my article or generated some value, you can tell me your goals in a free 1-1 or ask for help. Just click here.

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